Working From Home? Why You Can Stick With Home Internet Service

Are you working from home a lot more recently and wondering if you need to switch over to business Internet service? If so, you'll likely find that a residential package can work just fine for you. Here are some things to consider when you are unsure what package you need for your home. 

Do You Use Very Little Data?

One of the benefits of using a business Internet package is that they allow you to have unlimited data use, so you don't have to worry about going over your bandwidth cap and being charged overages. However, this is usually only a problem for people that have jobs that involve transferring a lot of data. Think of a video editor trying to work from home and downloading terabytes of footage each month. If you are a typical office worker that works in word documents, spreadsheets, and other text-based documents, understand that they use very little data and you are likely not approaching your data cap. Even video chatting uses a surprisingly low amount of data and is not a reason to be concerned. 

Are You Happy With Your Speeds?

Another advantage of moving to a business tier Internet package is that it comes with much faster speeds. However, this is another feature that you likely do not need, and your residential Internet package is getting you by just fine. Even higher speeds sometimes only impact the download speed. The limit of using a coax cable means that there is only so much that can be uploaded at once, even if you have a faster business connection. If you have been satisfied with the speeds on your residential connection, then you likely can stick with your residential package. 

Do You Need A Static IP?

Some offices allow you to remote into computers back at the office, but in order to do so, you need to have a static IP to verify that the connection is always coming from your home. Thankfully, this is not something that is limited to business Internet connections. You'll likely be able to request a static IP from your ISP, even if you are on a residential based package. It may cost you a bit more money to have that status 

As you can see, it is likely that a residential Internet connection is going to be just fine when working from home. If you need to set up service, reach out to a local home internet service for more information. 

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