Combine a New Internet Plan with Computer Changes to Improve Speeds

As time passes, you may find noticeable slowdowns on your computer when taking on tasks that require Internet usage. While it may not have been much of an issue early on, you may be at a point in which you want to fix the problem and get back to the fast speeds you used to have.

Although your computer may have some things that need to be changed, you should not underestimate the impact that the size of everything on the Internet can have. In the past, finding 1080p videos to stream would be a challenge, but now you can find all sorts of videos in 4K resolution. It makes sense for your Internet to struggle when watching these demanding videos.

Picking a new Internet plan and making computer changes will help you improve speeds.

Plan Upgrade

Starting with your plan is smart because it will improve the Internet on your computer as well as all the other connected devices in your home. If you are on the Internet often, you cannot go wrong with picking the fastest speed in your budget, as it will only lead to smoother experiences.

When you are buffering videos, downloading games, or uploading photos, you can rely on a fast connection to get through these processes in no time at all.


Depending on where your modem and router are located in comparison to your computer, you may have resorted to using a wireless connection for your desktop computer. While it may make the most sense because of how easy it is to establish a wireless Internet connection, you should go through the effort of switching to a wired connection by using a lengthy Ethernet cable.

When your Internet has to travel a long distance and go through several walls, you should expect to receive a reduced connection by the time it reaches your computer.

Task Manager

Another way that you can improve the Internet speeds on your computer is by using the task manager to prioritize certain programs. If you play an online game, you should not hesitate to make it a higher priority than most or all of the other programs that run at the same time. This will eliminate the chance for any of these other programs to slow down your game randomly.

Following these steps will help you pick a better Internet plan and make changes to your computer that lead to improved Internet reliability and speeds. Call your Internet provider today to get more information.

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