3 Tips On Investing In Great Technology For Freelancing

If you are interested in any type of online freelancing career, you will need to make a considerable investment in technology for your success. Certain types of technology will give you the most bang for your buck and help you invest your money wisely.

Upgrade Your Internet

Internet service is the foundation for all technology you purchase. You can spend thousands of dollars on other technology, but if your internet cannot keep up, you will be left in the dust. When possible, consider purchasing fiber optic internet for speed and reliability. No matter the type of internet you choose, try to stick with unlimited internet packages. When you work from home, you will quickly consume data, and you want to avoid surprise bills.

Marketing yourself as a freelancer is important for building your reputation and gaining new clients. Both marketing and interaction with clients may require faster internet for video conferences with clients. If you want to view or participate in live webinars to enhance your skills, speed is critical. Remember, the internet speed you pay for may not be the speed you achieve, since there are many factors affecting internet speeds. To be safe, you may want to buy an internet package one tier higher than you expect to need.

Buy The Right Computer

The appropriate computer for your needs will depend on the type of freelancing work you do. If you primarily do graphic design or video editing, you will need a computer able to do fast rendering of large amounts of data. If your work does not require heavy processing, start with a basic laptop or desktop. The most important part when selecting a computer is to select one with room to grow. You will want extra slots to add memory as your needs change.

Choosing between a desktop and laptop is difficult. Ideally, a laptop will give you the most flexibility, even if you do not expect to work outside your home. However, it is often easier and less expensive to purchase a high-performing desktop. If you want a laptop, consider purchasing one with a larger screen size, such as 17 to 19 inches. Since you will spend many hours behind the computer, you want to minimize eyestrain and squinting as much as possible. You can always invest in a large external monitor to reduce eye fatigue and make multitasking easier.

When it comes to memory and hard drive space, more is always better. For added peace of mind, invest in an external hard drive to regularly back up your files. When your income depends on your computer, storing files in several places is critical for your livelihood. Skip the built-in webcam and other unnecessary features and focus more on processor speeds, memory and storage.

Start Buying Accessories

Once you have a fast and reliable internet connection and a computer, you can start purchasing accessories to enhance your capabilities. Consider investing in a webcam, headset and lapel microphone. These items will be necessary for video conferencing, but they can also help you with additional career pursuits, such as podcasting and creating video content. Finding the right accessories can be difficult, even if you read through hundreds of reviews. Make sure you purchase items from stores with a good return policy on open technology items.

Look for webcams capable of high-definition video and high-resolution pictures. Unfortunately, the specifications do not always translate into clear videos and pictures. When you are testing out your webcam, make sure you have someone available who is willing to do a video conference with you to test the quality and adjust the settings.

You will want a headset if you take calls via the internet or for informal video conferences. A lapel microphone is a better option when you are making a video or engaging in professional communication through video conferencing, because it is less intrusive.

Freelancing can be a rewarding career opportunity, and it all begins with a solid foundation. Once you have the right technology, you can explore the many opportunities the internet can bring. To get started, talk to local internet providers or visit sites like http://www.rtconline.com.

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